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Our 10-Point Policy Plan

Yesterday is already too late and tomorrow is not soon enough!

We demand a Black “whole child,” “whole family,” “whole ECE workforce,” and  “whole community” approach. We will no longer tolerate a generalized approach to the needs of Black ECE constituents.

We demand a shift that results in California using policies and resources to address anti-Blackness in its structures while also investing in, affirming and advancing the cultural assets of Black people.

Black Children

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We want Black families to have options to choose from when determining which setting will work best for their children.

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We want Black children to receive an additional $500 in their CalKids account.

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We want Black children to be engaged in culturally affirming care and education.

Black Families

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We want Black families with varying experiences to be intentionally included in state-level input convenings and working groups.

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We want Black advisories established and adequately funded at the local, county, and state level.

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We want basic universal income for Black families, especially women and mothers.

Black ECE Workforce

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We want Black early educators to receive stipend payments to address the racial wage gap.

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We want a pipeline for Black educators to work across settings, job roles, and to provide Black children access to Black caregivers and educators.

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We want state grants and contracts for early care and education services to prioritize independently and Black-owned ECE programs.


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Unfinished business

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